Yorkshire Butterfly Atlas

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Welcome to the Yorkshire Butterfly Atlas

This site is built up from all records from 2000 to the present day, it currently contains 750,000 records.

The search function is quick but if you need to only look in one VC choose that option as you will get a much faster response.

Distribution Maps & Relative Abundance maps

When a species is selected, a short species account and an overview of the monad (1km square) distribution maps is displayed.

By individual Vice County (quicker) or All of Yorkshires five Vice Counties.

Pick by year or range of years from 2000 to 2021 (smaller the range faster the response)

Species Richness maps

The overall tetrad species richness is displayed for all species.

Click on a grid square to display the grid reference, site name and the names of the species recorded and the number recorded in the chosen time period.

Species lost and gained in a grid square are also displayed.


Overlays can be selected to display different base maps, from Satellite, Topographical to Street. A 10Km grid can be displayed along with each of the VC’s with a mask. A number of priority habitat classes are also available as layers.


The presence of a record in a grid square does not imply that the site has public access. A number of our species are found on private land and we have been granted permission to go and record the presence of the butterflies. Please check before you enter a site that you have right of way to access.

Any questions please contact us at: [email protected]